Tradition and modernity

J. & H. Selbach is a family-run, small, fine winery and wine export company. Registered as a trading company by the brothers Josef and Hubert Selbach in 1920, it has a long tradition as an old-style winery, as are many big names in Burgundy today.

Good quality is a matter of trust

Most musts and wines come year after year from the same winegrowers with whom there has been a regular business relationship for generations. This long personal relationship makes it possible to maintain a very high standard of quality.

Small but exquisite

Compared to today's large winery or cooperative, the winery J.& H. Selbach is a small family-owned company specialized in wines of the highest quality. A selection of high-quality wines from individual locations in our region is marketed by us in Europe and overseas.

Commission is a matter of trust

An additional line of business is the work as a commission agent at the annual auctions of the VDP and Bernkasteler Ring. By acting as a commission agent and exporter, we can offer our customers a very large selection of wines from many excellent producers in Germany.

Focus on the customer

In addition to wine itself, we also offer services related to wine: consulting, consolidation, storage, logistics, export documentation, export.